Ashley was amazing! She planned my baby shower and I don't think I could have done it without her! She was professional, organized, and had amazing ideas to add to the overall aesthetic of the shower. She was also extremely dependable, responsive, and punctual. I would recommend her for any event.  - Mom-to-be

 Ashley oversaw registration for our national conference with 300 attendees. She managed our guests through EventBrite; fielded questions from attendees about programming and refunds, as well as monitoring each individual registration to make sure guests didn't over register/purchase workshops and conference extras.  She also organized our registrants’ information to create nametags with up-to-date information. Ashley was able to provided our conference staff and national board with weekly updates including registration and workshop numbers, adjusting these as needed and keeping us informed when specific ticket types were full. We worked with Ashley both in person and remotely, and throughout the conference planning and execution phases she was communicative, resourceful, and professional. Due to her event-planning experience, she volunteered to comb through contracts with AV, catering, and the hotel to ensure we were covered in all aspects, which was an incredibly helpful and made us feel confident when signing.  I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone needing support in planning a conference and managing the Eventbrite tool.  I would definitely use her services again!  -  NCAAZK Conference Chair 


There are a lot of people out there that are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding and go without someone to consult with. If you are one of these people and you are looking forward to enjoying your wedding, my recommendation is to hire Ashley Bupp. What a difference she made when it came to all the details of a wedding. I am confident there was no way we would have made it though our special day without Ashley. On your wedding day there are hundreds of small details that I can guarantee will be missed without a planner like Ashley. Ashley is a person that can change the flow of a wedding and make it enjoyable for everyone! Thank you Ashley from first hand experience. - Groom

A majority of our contact was in the last month before the wedding, when we had to pin down table arrangements and things like that. Ashley was a saint for putting up with some of our more annoying relatives on the day of the wedding, and we love her for that. -Bride